We at AMP shoot a lot of interviews. We can shoot them at your location or in our
studio with sound control. We have a solid white or black background or green screen
and can drop in any number of virtual sets or backgrounds. We have a brand new
state of the art 4K cinema camera.  For interviews we use a three point LED lighting
kit with one on a boom stand to act as a hair light.  The lights utilize soft filters for a
pleasing soft look on the talent.  We record audio with a boom microphone and a
lapel mic offering two channels to pick from in editing. We always have anti shine
make up on hand as well to reduce glare and shine on the talents face.  
Interview with B roll footage
Sample snippets of interviews and testimonials
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Interview with Jack Welch former CEO of General Electric.
Some of our interview samples are below.  For You Tube videos be sure to play in the highest quality, either HD or 4K by clicking on the gear in the player window.
Corporate Interview Samples in a Hotel Suite.
Interview Rory McIlroy Pro Golfer video taped for Nike and Golf Week
Samples of our video production work for interviews and testimonials.
Jeff Bernier
Owner/ Video Producer
Video tape your interview in our green screen studio and we can add any background you want!
A CEO giving a message to employees filmed at their office.
Part of series of interviews we filmed for the United States Small Business Administration