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We are a video production service company that can
professionally video record your conference, business meeting,
lecture, seminar or convention. We also provide live webcast or
streaming. Our videographers serve Miami, West Palm Beach,
Orlando and Fort Lauderdale Florida.
A videographer from AMP can film your
event in full HD and even 4K cinema
YouTube format.  Once loaded to your You
Tube channel you will have the ability to
email a link to interested parties, plus an
embed code to embed the video on your
website.  We also can live stream the
conference on the web so that it can be
viewed live anywhere in the world.  

We have various options for videotaping
the conference.  We can provide one, two
or three cameras with videographers.  
With multiple cameras we edit between
the cameras for different angles. Audio
can be tapped in to the sound board or we
can use wireless mics.  We can have a mic
on a stand for audience questions or we
can have a person with wireless mic to
run to each person asking a question.

For Power Point presentations, it's best
quality if we edit in the slides in post
production.  When the presenter refers to
the slide we dissolve to the slide in full
screen while you still hear the presenter
speaking.  The other option is we can
have a split screen so you see both the
presenter and the slide.

Videography pricing to film or record your
conference depends on the above
variables, editing needed and the length of
time.  Please call so that we can discuss
and give an accurate quote.  
Below are samples of the various ways we can videotape
your conference.  Change the player setting with the little
gear drop down menu to HD for the best quality.
Two Cameras with Power Point Slides
One camera, PPT slides edited in.
A promotional video for a trade show.
A conference high lite promotional video using our voice over
talent and our spokes person for interviews with attendees.
High lites of a business show convention

An option to shooting live, the presenter can
come to our studio and videotape the
presentation.  They may also use our teleprompter
We use state of the art 4K cinema quality video cameras
Why go with American Media Professionals?

  • 30 years video production experience.
  • State of the art equipment.
  • Specialist in recording business seminars.
  • Professional business attitude.
  • Prompt, reliable and friendly service.
  • Proven track record and excellent referrals.
  • Quick turn around time for editing.
  • Don't pay high hotel AV equipment rental
    rates! Rent a PA audio system with
    microphones and video projector and screen
    from us.
Jeff Bernier
Owner - Film
Call for a quote:
West Palm Beach Office: 561-847-0077
Miami Office: 786-408-5994
New York City Office: 718-301-4537
Michigan Office: 248-515-7882
A promotional video for a worksop/conference we filmed in Scotland.
Interviews with exhibitors at a trade show.