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(Not hiring interns, staff or V/O)
We are a 4K professional video production company with offices in West Palm Beach Florida, Fort
Lauderdale, Miami and Orlando. We videotape videos for social media, TV, corporate and business websites.
Our video production crew or videographers have available portable green or blue screen, 4K RED Cinema Camera or the Black Magic 4K URSA. We have a slider, wireless lapel microphones, boom microphones and a
teleprompter. Our cameramen are available for freelance ENG type work. We are located in West Palm Beach Florida and we can tape on location anywhere in between with no travel charge from Orlando to Key West Florida.
We have packages to accommodate all budgets from very inexpensive and cheap up to expensive and high end. Other titles we go by are director of photography, DOP, DP, cinematographer, crew, freelance cameraman, camera
operator, director, shooter, film maker or video  producer.  Areas that we videotape and  on a regular basis include; Miami, Ft Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington, Stuart, Fort Pierce,
Port Saint Lucie and Requests. We can produce the following videos for you from concept to completion; television TV commercials, corporate videos, business website video, Internet video, you tube video, interviews, Kickstarter,
Indigo go, crowd funding, testimonials, instructional, how-to videos, marketing, advertising, promotional videos, music videos, online videos, training videos, seminars, meetings, conferences and  infomercials.
Video production offices:
4201 Westgate Avenue West Palm Beach, 8546 Palm Pkwy #219, Orlando, FL 32836 and Miami.
AMP is proud to announce that Jeff Bernier, owner and
DP filmed for the Academy award nominated
documentary film "I'll be Me" starring Glenn Campbell.
The film is about Glenn Campbell's fight with
Alzheimer's disease.
Click here to view the trailer. Most
recently Jeff is shooting, directing and editing ten
episodes for a soon to be announced national TV show
filmed around The US and South America.
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We offer professional 4K cinema quality
video production. That's four times the
quality of HD!  AMP is the videography
service for your business and can
accommodate ALL budgets. We shoot and
produce videos for website, Internet, reality
shows, live web cast online promotional,
training, instructional, marketing, advertising,
meetings, seminars, underwater, TV
commercials, infomercials, You Tube Video
Ads and much more. We also can shoot
aerial drone footage.
We have extensive green screen experience.
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Jeff Bernier
Owner - Film Maker
We film on the Black Magic Ursa, Arri Alexa Mini, Sony FS7, RED or Canon C300.
Email us with your ideas for your video production and
we will put together a package that fits your budget.
From concept to completion we offer script writing,
creative ideas, filming at your location or our studio,
teleprompter, make up service, editing, voice over and
actors. For support equipment we have lighting with
soft filters, various types of microphones, tracks,
slider, drone and a jib for cinematic movements. We
help with creative ideas, planning and direction to
bring out the best with the on camera subjects.
We are a professional 4K and HD video production company based in Florida. Our
videography services include business and corporate video productions, YouTube video
ads, website video ads, interviews and recording seminars, meetings and conferences for
companies. We also are a producer for streaming live web cast. Our camera crews or
videographers can shoot ENG (on location), or in our studio with green screen. Jeff Bernier
has been a video producer for companies for over 30 years, shooting everything from TV or
Television commercials, broadcast and infomercials corporate advertising and filming
Academy Award nominated films. Hire a cameraman to videotape or record your video
production shoot in West Palm Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Miami or Orlando FL.
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